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Full Version: New RAPIDSHARE Changes and How To Set Your Files For Public Downloading
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For those still using RAPIDSHARE...(I know...I know)

Just discovered this morning the new changes RAPIDSHARE put in place on 1/16/13.

The Issue:
--Rapidshare links have all been set to "Private" and are apparently inaccessible to everyone except the owner.
--This is a Rapidshare-wide issue

The Problem:
--Until the owner creates a new SUB FOLDER, sets new permissions and moves all the files to that SUB FOLDER, no files will be able to be downloaded.

The Solution:
--First, you have to make sure that your user alias and folder alias is set.
--Please check the account overview on the right hand side:

--Create and SAVE a User Name
--Create and SAVE a Folder Alias

After that, you can set the privileges for a folder in the File Manager:

Please note that you can only set access rights for folders but not for individual
files. You can not set privileges on "My Folder" therefore you have to create a
sub folder. Just right click on the sub folder and choose "Privileges".

--Name it the same name as the Folder Alias you already saved in Overview.

Click on "Shares" and in the line "Public Access" tick the appropriate boxes for:
1. View: Users are allowed to see the folder content.
2. Download: Users are allowed to download data from this folder.
3. Upload: Users are allowed to upload data to this folder.

There are 2 different ways you can share the files with the public. You can
provide the download link to a file or you can provide the link to the entire
folder. On the bottom of the "Privileges" window you can find the folder link or
if you would like to share only one file, right click on the file and share it via
the share option.

Now how do you get all your old files into the new folder?

--Just SELECT ALL on your files in MY FOLDER
--DRAG and DROP into the new Folder Alias

That should do the trick. Your files should now be available for downloading again.

Hope this helps.

If anyone has discovered anything else or other useful tips, please add and included here.

Thanks a lot modernknife!
I was hoping this would be a 1 GB limit workaround.
TV's Frink Wrote:I was hoping this would be a 1 GB limit workaround.

1GB limit > Not being able to download jack from RS because uploaders haven't set up permission.
True, I'm just sayin'.
Thanks modernknife. Hopefully this has sorted out the problem for me.
so do the links still stay the same or does this mean you have to re-do any DLC file you may have made in the past?
Links stay the same as far as I can tell.
Neglify Wrote:Links stay the same as far as I can tell.

I can confirm it has worked, as I grabbed Icarus this morning.
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