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Full Version: Adobe CS2 Now Available for Free
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UPDATE (5:36 P.M. CST): member Gatos has forwarded a correction to us stating the Adobe is NOT giving away CS2. It was a misunderstanding, one that confused a lot of websites. You can read about the correction on

Have you ever wanted a copy of Adobe's Creative Suite? Well now you can for free! Adobe has disabled activation of their CS2 series which was released in 2005. Since the software is seven years old it may have trouble running on newer systems, but it is a chance to get a plethora of software with $0 down. All you need to do is register an account with them and then you can download the software.

Adobe CS2 is available on PC and Mac.
this is fantastic news! The ability for anyone to use a copy of Photoshop is big!! I used version 6 for a long time, so CS2 is definitely worth checking out Smile
Keeps coming up site area unavailable for me. Damn it all!
JetSetWilly Wrote:Keeps coming up site area unavailable for me. Damn it all!

I got that as well. Either they are making changes, or the site is being overloaded. It was officially announced, so keep checking back.
Will do.
Wow, that's epic. What a nice gesture, and a good way to get people to start using their products. Smart.
Need to make sure to get this news out to any new, unexperienced faneditors, since most aren't willing to pay good money for amazing editing software. That's pretty cool!
Sick! Best news item....ever?
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