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Full Version: IMDB Top 250 in 2 1/2 Minutes
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Possible seizure warning.

Hot damn that was awesome.
Sick audio mashup, brah. Big Grin

Video's a bit too all-over-the-place for my tastes, but it's skillfully done.
Oh, I totally forgot to post this yesterday. I knew something had slipped my mind.

Some more videos you guys will like.

Everything by:

[Image: pRDZC.gif][Image: vBtqT.gif]
... And, now after merely sampling an above clip I've got not just epilepsy but ADD. Thanks a boy I'm hungry it's toenail clipping movie bus. :?
That first video was mental. Some choices I wouldn't agree with, like A Clockwork Orange (boring pile of fluff), but overall a good list.
First thought before even clicking play on the first video: Holy s**t, Big is on the IMDb Top 250? I mean, it's a nice little movie, but come on!

JetSetWilly Wrote:A Clockwork Orange (boring pile of fluff)

You ain't no friend of mine. :p
DJ Faroff is now well and truly on my ipod. Although I have the version from the IMDb 250 vid, it sounds loads better with the samples.

Quite liked these two as well.

the top 250: that video gave me a bon-herr and a geekgasm.