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Full Version: Jaws III Monster featured on French blog/website
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Hey everyone, thanks to Romain Christmann for running a little feature on my Jaws III Monster edit, on his excellent Jaws 3 website/blog. It took Romain a bit of convincing as he's not really a fan of fanedits, but he finally gave it a watch and he seemed to enjoy it. Whilst the site is in French, there is a button on the top right which translates it to English (sort of!!).

Enjoy Smile
That is so cool!!! Smile
Very cool, but beware of the big spoiler in the article.
Don't read this before watching the fanedit, IMO.
**post deleted**
Post deleted. Read the rules.
Am I the only one who's astonished to find out that:

a) a blog devoted to Jaws 3D (and only Jaws 3D) actually exists
b) not only a) but it's created by someone who native tongue isn't English and the movie is, to him, a foreign film
c) not only a) and b) but it's been constantly updated and maintained for more than 3 years
d) not only a), b) and c) but a fanedit of Jaws 3D is brought to his attention and he's apprehensive, not excited, about it
e) see a)