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Full Version: IFDB Review: Legion: An Exorcist III Fanedit:
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Turd polishing/turkey glazing at its finest. It's obvious a lot of Spicediver care and attention went into demucking the theatrical release and turning it into an altogether different beast. The edit takes on a different pace and feels like a religious horror piece from the '70s, which is a plus; it allows one a chance to enjoy Dourif's and Scott's performances within a more coherent story, even if the latter hams it up in spots. As noted by Dwight Fry, the custom titles look fantastic and range-free studio organic, both at the beginning of the movie and at the end. Another nice touch: Spicediver's foreword with creepy choirboy singing before the edit proper begins. I watched the mp4 version, which sported excellent video quality.