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I watched season 1 of What We Do In The Shadows a couple weeks ago, and watched the first two episodes of season 2 last night. I love this show deeply. I suppose I should watch the movie at some point too.
(04-21-2020, 12:33 PM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: [ -> ]I really liked DEVS too, but

I wasn't a big fan of the "living in the Matrix" ending.

I was already sold on not watching the show due to its reviews being boring as heck. That spoiler more than seals the deal. Tongue
Well the whole thing

doesn't take place in the Matrix, just the last couple of scenes.
I gave Devs a shot. It was... okay. It’s beautiful to look at and never boring as long as you don’t mind a slow burn akin to Blade Runner 2049. But unfortunately many of the central performances just weren’t up to snuff, thus rendering the emotion somewhat inert. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that for all its big ideas, it was just sort of something that appeals to one’s sense of wanting to feel smart by watching it. With the concepts left just enough off screen so as to allow you to think you understand heady concepts (from determinism to tech) when really it’s just window dressing. The mentions of the Matrix (and I agree the ending was a cop out) are apt, but I was more reminded of Inception. I’d say it’s worth the watch (again, so long as you don’t mind a slow burn), but it’s a near miss for me.
I enjoyed both Devs and Westworld Season 3 while watching them, but looking back on both seasons as a whole they fall short of their promise.
Just watched the first couple episodes of Snowpiercer and am not impressed at all. It feels like a generic police procedural shoved into the Snowpiercer lore, made with none of the charm of the original movie.

Definitely wouldn't recommend, just re-watch the film instead.
The Midnight Gospel

Alternate universes, deviated preversion, philosophy, psychedelia, spirituality — it's like this show was tailor-made for me.

I strongly recommend Carnival Row for fans of detective stories, immersive fantasy and social commentary.
Finished season three of The Sinner last night. It’s somewhat of a departure from the previous two seasons (though not much) in that the “whydunnit” is mostly revealed pretty early on. Instead the season explores how someone—and I believe it to be explicitly how a man—could allow himself to fall under the spell of another man’s ideas and manipulations. Pullman is good as usual, but the season-specific cast of Bomer, Hecht, and especially Chris Messina are outstanding. A lot of the situations could have become comical in lesser hands. I think this is a very under appreciated series.
Creators of The Witcher video game series CD Projekt are due to release their next video game called Cyberpunk 2077 later this year. It's now been announced that they have partnered with Studio Trigger and Netflix to produce a ten episode anime series set within the same universe called Cyberpunk: Edgerunner
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