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I'm on hour four, have no clue what's going on, but I still enjoyed it.
I've only played the third Witcher game, but seeing as that takes place many years after the show, I was still learning all of this for the first time. All I had to base my viewing on was some of the names of the locations and vague knowledge of the broad kingdoms (without any clue what the political situation is at the time period of the show). And I'm loving it. We're almost done with the season, but so far I'm legitimately blown away by how well it appears to match the tone of what I'm familiar with. I can see how the early episodes might be difficult for those with zero knowledge whatsoever of this world, but overall I'd rate it at least a 4.5/5.
Yeah, I've only played about an hour of the third game and never read any of the books, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I actually really liked the nonlinear aspect of it, though that seems to be a point of contention for some people.
Is anyone else watching The Outsider? We just started watching. I’m not generally a big King fan but so far I’m enjoying this show four episodes in.
Yeah I'm loving "The Outsider". The book was awesome and the show has expanded on it quite nicely.
I really liked the first couple episodes of The Outsider. I started getting less interested after a couple more, haven't watched since Episode 5. Reading the later episodes' descriptions, it appears things start to get more interesting again. Maybe I'll get back into it.
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