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I just can't get past Dexter with an English accent.
(06-20-2018, 11:20 AM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]Netflix's SAFE

A teenage girl goes missing.
A body found in a pool.
And a gated community filled with scandalous secrets.

A pulpy, soapy mystery filled with misdirection, twists and addictive cliffhangers.  Very enjoyable, like reading  trashy paperback on the beach while on summer vacation.  Though I am not certain about Michael Hall's accent?  Regardless, at 8 episodes, it is a satisfying watch.
I've been watching this too as a massive Dexter MH fan I really wanted to like it but I'm struggling with Halll's  accent and the recycled broadchurch on acid plot.  Like you say only 8 episodes so I will persevere to the end and see if my opinion changes...
Yeah, Hall's accent is.... odd?  Or maybe I just can't wrap my head around Dexter being British?  lol

As I said, it is a trashy but fun (for me at least) mystery.  It's not Broadchurch level good, it is more  Midsomer Murders meets Desperate Housewives good.   An engaging, if eventually forgettable, fluffy escape.    Tongue
Anyone watching Money Heist? Stupid name (I don’t know why they didn’t go with the straight translation of The Paper House), but it’s been an entertaining heist series so far. I was skeptical that a heist could support the long form, but it does. It’s far from perfect and be sure to watch subtitled as opposed to the dubbed version that is the default.
I've heard a lot about Broadchurch. Now that we're cutting cable it's one I'll have to check out.
This is gonna be gooooood...

(06-20-2018, 02:14 PM)Q2 Wrote: [ -> ]I've heard a lot about Broadchurch. Now that we're cutting cable it's one I'll have to check out.

The first season is very good. It doesn't reach those heights again for me, but give me David Tenant scowling and being grumpy in just about anything and it will entertain me.
Hulu is taking Tha Vampire Chronicles TV series based on Anne Rice's novels:

‘The Vampire Chronicles’ TV Series Sinks Its Fangs Into Hulu

I have a feeling that Bryan Fuller isn't going to have a job anytime soon as he loses yet ANOTHER project (after Hannibal, American Gods, Amazing stories, Star Trek and probably many others). Is this guy too difficult to work with or does he demand absurdly big budgets?
The TITANS for the DC Universe streaming service...

So Robin drops the F-bomb.... I guess that makes this cool and edgy?

I dunno, trailer does not excite me.   Certainly would not pay for a streaming service based on this initial trailer.
Surprised they went with such a dark approach for their "first impression"... I guess because that has worked so well for their movie universe, he says sarcasticly. 

Robin costume looks very comics accurate.   Dove looks amazing.   Beast Boy looks okay.  Raven.... looks goth-ish.   Starfire... didin't really get a good look, but she appears to be the most changed from the comics?

I grew up reading the entire Marv Wolfman run and later Geoff Johns relaunch, and while yes, the Titans were always treated seriously and had many very dark stories, there was still a sense of adventure and friendship at its core.  Hopefully this show will capture some of that.  I actually more curious about the DOOM PATROL series will be spinning off from this show.
Basically...what she said.  Ugh
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