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I just finished the tenth episode of The Punisher.  The first eight episodes were quite the slog, with repetitious subplots and disproportionate time spent on supporting characters.  But holy cow, episodes 9 and 10 were fantastic - I'd put them up there with the high points of Daredevil.  I think this show would have benefited from fewer episodes.  Whittle those first eight down into, say, three, and we'd have quite the miniseries.
(11-25-2017, 04:09 PM)The Scribbling Man Wrote: [ -> ]Can't imagine much being done with The Punisher. The interesting elements of his character were already explored in Daredevil.

Of the three Marvel Netflix series/seasons released this year, I've felt compelled to so much as sample... none of them. Myself, I'd happily scrap the whole Netflix/Marvel roster (even JJ, which I enjoyed but don't see a need to continue) for more adventures of Peggy, Sousa,  and Jarvis. Cool
Gives me something to look forward to. I haven't even started yet though. I plan to binge watch it over the weekend.
Just finished The Punisher. Dunno the actor’s name, but he is a damn fine Punisher. Like the season plot too.
I just finished, too.  Indeed, the acting was good all around, but Jon Bernthal was just phenomenal as Frank.  The final five episodes were fantastic.  I still think that the show would have been better served if the first eight episodes were condensed down to three or four to eliminate the drag.  All in all, it's a very good Marvel show.  Not the best, but well above average.  One final gripe, in spoiler tags.

As far as I can tell, there was no Stan Lee cameo.  The other Netflix series had him as a still photo - there's really no excuse to not do that much.

Anyone watching this?

This series has really surprised me.  I was expecting a fad cash-in fluff show, but it is surprising in-depth and exploratory.  It actually discusses many of the darker/controversial aspects of comic creators and their business that most other comic history shows and movie bonus features usually gloss over or ignore completely.  Very engaging material and I recommend to anyone interested in the genre.

Happy! is based on New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel of the same name. The series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU) – an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man – who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (Patton Oswalt).

The story centers around a retired martial arts and action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme playing himself, who returns to a life as a private undercover agent.
^ Dude, description without discussion is just spam, is it not?
(12-17-2017, 03:28 PM)Gaith Wrote: [ -> ]^ Dude, description without discussion is just spam, is it not?

I see you've met gazza.
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