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^^ why does this show make me think of ?

^ So... a rehash of Arrow season one starring yet another white dude rebel billionaire, diving deep into the fairy tale mumbo-jumbo that made the second half of Daredevil S2 such a garbage fire, with the same life-draining 13-episode length?

Hard pass for me, thanks. Wink
I'm gonna watch but I have my reservations after Luke Cage. I couldn't even finish that one. Also, they're already pushing the Defenders thing with this instead of letting it breathe and be it's own thing. Hopefully that's just in the marketing and not too much in the site show itself.

However, I'm really, really excited for Legion. Noah Hawley can do no wrong (seriously, even the book he wrote last year is freaking great).
With only a few days til Netflix's streaming launch of IRON FIST, the show has been getting universally negative reviews (the first 6 episodes were released for critics) from almost every site I have visited this past week or so....

In retrospect, LUKE CAGE had glowing reviews before its release, and while it had incredible production values, I struggled to finish the series due to its sluggish pace.   So maybe I will like this????   Blush
[Image: ifcover1.jpg]

So I have watched the first five episodes so far, and I really don't understand all the negative reviews?

It's not a bad show.  I was expecting some sort of a car wreck based on some of the reviews I read.  But it is a decent and enjoyable show.  It is better paced than Luke Cage or the second season of Daredevil.  And unlike Luke Cage, it is directly connected to The Hand subplot of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, so it feels like it is part of a bigger story.

Finn Jones is likeable as Danny Rand, doing a good job balancing man/child innocence with old world wisdom.   I see none of the "whitewashing"  or "white savour" issues that some critics levelled at the show.

If the show has one key weakness it is Finn Jones' Kung Fu.  Iron Fist is suppose to me trained in super-bad ass-mystic-kung fu, but the fight sequences lack any real energy or wow factor, especially compared to similar shows like INTO THE BADLANDS or even ARROW.   This feels more like David Carradine style Kung Fu, except I find Carradine's Kung Fu more believable... LOL.    In fact, I find the character of Colleen Wing and her karate scenes way more interesting and believable.

Compared to the other three Netflix Defender shows, this one feels the most retro... it has distinct 80s vide in terms of plotting and characters.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly holds it back from feeling truly exciting and original.

Based on what I have seen so far, I would give the show a B-minus.   Still 8 more episodes to go and a lot could change. Tongue
I'm five in as well, and I'm having a good time.  Some of the dialogue is pretty wooden, and the acting isn't up to par with the other Marvel stuff.  But yeah, the biggest let down for me is the fight choreography.  The motions seem competent enough, but it's all just too slow.  There's too much choppy editing for the action scenes as well.  I would have thought that for a show called Iron Fist that the priority would have been in the production of its hand to hand combat, but I guess that just didn't pan out.  As it stands, Daredevil comes across as both a more agile and capable fighter than Danny.  All in all, it's a decently entertaining corner of the MCU thus far.
[Image: iron-fist-classic-costume-230561.jpg]

Finished the series today.   I would give the final overall score a 7 out of 10.

As many have already noted, the kung fu sequences remain uneven throughout the entire run of the season.  But not just in terms of bad fight choreography, but it terms of the character's ability.  Danny is the Iron Fist, one of the best fighters in the world, but in some episodes he easily dispatches bad guys in a single punch or kick and then in the next, he can barely hold his own against inexperienced kung fu students.  Danny's yo-yo emotional state makes sense once you reach the last few episodes, the reveal feels too little and too late.

The Hand as villains were disappointing.   After the terrifying undead ninjas we saw in DD and JJ, here we get gun wielding soldiers and street kung fu kids?  

Harold Meechum was channelling crazy train, over the top almost camp villainy at times, that felt out of tone with the rest of the series.

I enjoyed the dynamic/chemistry between Danny and Colleen.

Ward Meechum I think stole the show and was the best developed and performed character.  Though Bakuto and Davos were equally charismatic.

As with LC and DD, the overall story was stretched out too thin and could have been only 8 to 10 instead of 13 episode.

So of the four Defender shows, I would rate them as follows...

1. Jessica Jones 10/10
2. DareDevil season one 9/10
3. DareDevil season two 8/10
4. Iron Fist and Luke Cage 7/10

Despite some of these less than stellar debuts, I hold out high hopes for the upcoming Defender series, as I think it could be a case where the individual parts could make a stronger, better whole.  Big Grin  fingers crossed.

[Image: marvel-the-defenders-netflix-team.png?itok=jZF2XtnQ]

But until then, I will content myself with popping a David Carradine dvd.
Now that's REAL kung fu!!!   Tongue
I've got three episodes left.  Still having a good time.  Regarding Danny's capabilities: I feel like they still haven't adequately explained when he can and can't use his powers.  I get that channeling his chi isn't easy, but sometimes it seems more difficult for him in otherwise comparable circumstances.
I thought this was refreshing, after being bashed on so many sites, Screen Rant posted an article focusing on the 15 best moments in Iron Fist...
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