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Agree that it won't reach that level of TV. TV shows today are so different than the 80s and early 90s, it's a little unfair to compare the two. But as far as nostalgia and taking a trip back in time, this show is pretty good.

I actually made my own Tron outfit as a kid... so I had a big laugh when they showed that... LOL!
Just finish watching the premiere of ALMOST HUMAN. Very enjoyable. Carl Urban is excellent as always. Lots of potential. FOX is 2 for 2 so far in the genre department this season, as SLEEPY HOLLOW continues to improve and entertain.
Watched the second episode of ALMOST HUMAN last night -- this may be my favorite new show of the season -- very fun show. :pop2:
MOB CITY -- Really enjoyed this.... great retro-slow burn noir thriller!
Yeah, Almost Human is awesome.
I'm not much into gangster or cop shops so I didn't give Mob City much thought. Funny, though, I am really enjoying almost human. Maybe my love of sci-fi outweighs my dislike for cop shows. Smile
18 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Goldbergs

The writing and acting really is magnificent. The music's usually pretty rad. The creator's a cool geek who engages in friendly discussion with fans and shows bits and pieces of his real childhood in the credit. Every episode is dedicated to someone or something special to the creator, a nice touch. Awesome set designs and pop culture references.

And most importantly. It's a family show with a ton of heart that's fun (and we don't have too many of those at the moment).
DUSK FROM DAWN the tv series is on Netflix. So far the first 6 episodes are available, new eps added weekly.

A little slow at first but after episode two, I found it to become more engaging as fresh material was added to the story, giving it a very different twist from the original movie. Definitely worth checking out.
I watched the first two episodes of FX's "Fargo" and I'm pleasantly surprised, it's a good show. Great cast, good writing, I'm genuinely interested in what happens. The worst thing about the show is they called it Fargo.
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