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Full Version: IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: Army of the Republic:
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Just watched Seciors' Star Wars Episode II - Army of the Republic, and despite being a huge improvement over my least favorite movie of all time, there are many elements that keep this edit from becoming great. But more on that later. Audio/Video Quality - Outstanding dude! One of the greatest things about this edit! 10/10 Visual Editing - Good for the most part. There are a few jarring cuts, especially during the first ten minutes, but it didn't detract from the film. 9/10 Audio Editing - Like Return of the Sith, there are many sketchy audio crossfades, but again it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the edit. Dooku's new line at the beginning sounded like something straight out of the Ridiculous Menace, and was a bit too obvious. But overall everyone sounded great though. 8/10 Narrative - Seciors is a fantastic storyteller, but a few things about this edit bugged me: 1. Anakin and Palpatine have no scenes together, which is a problem because it sets up their father/son relationship. 2. The horrid youngling training scene is kept with minimal editing. What the hell man? I know it's essential to the plot, but there must have been some way you could have skipped this scene. 3. Both of Obi Wan's action scenes with Jango Fett are intact. Wouldn't it have been better to cut one of them, or maybe even both? They're poorly choreographed, ridiculous, cartoonish, and ultimately serve no purpose to the story other than to squeeze in lame action and show off the sound and digital effects. 4. The short scene of Padme waking up is unnecessary and distracts from the chase. There's no reason why this should be here. 5. The lightsaber fight with Yoda and Dooku is still included. It's pointless, meaningless, and just plain dumb. Every fanedit of AOTC should remove this scene, it hurts Yoda's character. Still, there is a bunch of great things about this edit. Your editing of the Anaking and Padme romance is hands down the best I've ever seen. Brilliant! The subplot about Anakin's mother is perfectly rearranged for a more powerful sequence of events, and I loved the added Imperial March music. Finally, Anakin is no longer a creepy monster! The removal of that Sifo Dyas guy works well, and Army of the Republic is generally less convoluted than the original film. 8/10 Enjoyment - I hate this goddamned film to death, and no matter what no editor can fix it (Unless the entire community bands together and edits the film as a group). This was a valiant effort by Seciors to make it a better film, and is in the same league as L8wrtr's and Q2's edits. 8/10