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Full Version: IFDB Review: Usual Suspects, The - Flip Ya For Real:
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I was too inebriated to appreciate this movie when it came out, though I vaguely recall it feeling lengthy and rather talky at times in an unpleasant stage production kind of way. . . . Anyhoo, it's been a long while since I watched the original, so I went into this viewing almost virginal. And I came out liking Adabisi's version better. (Achtung! Schpoiler alert.) Really, if Verbal was faking his physical deficits during all the time he knew his crime buddies, he'd probably have let his guard down at some point and been sniffed out. (As if the only thing keeping him from being considered a Soze candidate was his limp. He was the man with the plan, after all.) This edit fixes that problem. And the reordering of scenes makes the movie flow a lot better, based on aforementioned fuzzy memories. Some of the other problematic bits remain, such as Del Toro's incomprehensible accent and the Miami-Vice-style criminal meetings in very public places, but that's not Adabisi's fault--the plot can't afford their removal. As with Adabisi's prior production, the audio and visual quality are excellent. The original film was overrated (let the slings and arrows fly), but this version is much more watchable. Well done, Adabisi.