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Full Version: MacGyver Returns!
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MacGyver is back!!!

Not only is he returning in a comic series over at IMAGE by original show writer Lee David Zlotoff

He is returning in a series of commercials for Mercedes.

Plus a few years ago MacGyver appeared in some Super Bowl commercials.

And there was an attempt many years ago to create a spin-off/sequel series YOUNG MACGYVER
Richard Dean Anderson is the man!
I think it's time to put the MacGyver theme as my ringtone again. We don't watch live TV at home. Would never have seen that commercial if you hadn't posted it. Thanks! Smile
That advert was awesome. Now, if only they'd do a proper full length film with Anderson back as MacGuyver, based on that trailer, I'd go watch it.
No offence, but he'd have to hit the gym though. He's put on a few pounds since then. I know, getting older and stuff, it gets harder to maintain your weight, but I can pull up a list of people who do it just fine.

If so, a MacGuyver film would be good. But then Michael Bay would direct a piece of gum stuck to a paper-clip blowing up a skyscraper, and then they'd pull in Shia Laboeuf or Justin Long to carry on 'the legacy', so no thanks.
Richard Dean Anderson suffered a serious injury a few years back and he was basically unable to move/exercise for over a year, thus the natural weight gain. But he has shed quite a few pounds since then, but as an "older" guy, I can attest, it get harder and harder to drop gained weight as you age. But for 62 he looks pretty good.
And here someone has edited all 3 new MacGyver spots together... pretty fun stuff!
It is weird listening to Richard Dean Anderson doing his "serious" MacGyver voice over.

I have become so accustomed to his Colonel Jack O'Neil and his sardonic wit and sarcasm laced voice,
that I now have a hard time accepting Anderson as Mac, even though it was the role that first introduced me to him
and made him famous.

Also, I guess we can't expect correct continuity from a commercial, can we?
As far as I can remember, Mac never worked for "The Agency".
The first season, he worked for the Department of External Affairs or something,
but for the remainder of the iconic series he was a troubleshooter for The Phoenix Foundation.

Didn't they end the series with Mac discovering he had a long lost son and them hitting the road together?
Though he could have easily had another kid in the mean time.

Sort of parallels Anderson own life, going into semi-retirement from Stargate to raise his daughter.

Anyway, a fun little commercial.Smile