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I'm thinking of buying some of Big Finish's recent Virgin novel adaptations in preparation for the release of RTD's "Damaged Goods", should I start with the Fourth Doctor and Romana II ones?
Babelcolour strikes again....

[Image: tardis.jpg]

Found my 1988 Dapol Tardis ^ in a box in the garage :-). Still in damn good nick and when I put in a couple of batteries was suprised that the light on the top still worked. Now if I could just find my 1982 Dekker Tardis playhouse...

[Image: 5199_m.jpg]

...I can still almost smell the strong plastic and adhesive of the thing when I was inside it travelling the universe. It was probably made out of arsenic and asbestos in those days :-D.
I'm envious of that mate, I never had a Dapol TARDIS, but my dad went and made me a custom one at his work (he painted it black though...strange, 'cause he is'nt exactly color blind), recently opened it two weeks back to find my Dapol Seventh and Ace figures in miniature Ninja Turtles.
Got to admit, this looks pretty cool!
Zarius Wrote:

She's back..and another two-parter

Hey. What's at the link?
Michelle Gomez revealing she's back as Missy
Outstanding work (re: the dematerialization)!

Here's a video made to celebrate 10 years since the revival, which -- I think we can safely say at this point -- has been wildly successful. Kudos to the editor on this!

This genius fan editor has crafted a Series 9 opening as though it were from the 1930s: