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Full Version: Doctor Who
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WOW! That's some impressive skills! Anyone from this community? That deserves accolades and applause!
WOW indeed! That was insanely well done! Someone makes this happen for real! Heck, Steven Moffat is the executive producer on both BBC shows! This COULD technically happen for real! It would be beyond AWESOME! I want my WHOLOCK crossover NOW! (a Christmas Special at some point perhaps? Or one of those Children in Need minisodes? I don't care, just make it!)
Unless Moffat's orchestrating Phantom Pain levels of misinformation, the Christmas special will be both Matt's last and Capaldi's first.
Now that's some impressive compositing work! Reminds me of Babelcolour's Ten Doctors:

For certain an awesome video! Here's the VFX breakdown:
TM2YC Wrote:Is this gonna be Matt's last or will there be a special in the new year? It would be nice to know so I'm not setting myself up for a disapointment if there is a Capaldi free Christmas.

New Year's Day is taken up by Sherlock, and Capaldi is listed in the radio times entry for this episode, so no worries.
emanswfan Wrote:For certain an awesome video! Here's the VFX breakdown:

That was incredible to see how they did that. Does anyone else think Cumberbatch might be a decent Doctor, especially after seeing him in Sherlock?
I remember reading somewhere he was a runner up for the 11th doctor and Matt Smith was a runner up for Watson