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Holy Nerdgasm! I did not see this one coming! Very sneaky Mr. Moffat!
A fantastic start to the 50th!!!

Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! Thanks BOB!!!

While I wish they had used McGann as the Time War Doctor, this prequel certainly made my day!
And the good stuff just keeps coming!

Here's a jaw-dropping webisode that was just released, called "NIGHT of the Doctor." Everyone should watch this right now!!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Whoops. Bob and I posted at almost exactly the same time! Smile
bionicbob Wrote:Holy Nerdgasm! I did not see this one coming! Very sneaky Mr. Moffat!
A fantastic start to the 50th!!!

It's everything I had hoped.
Except longer. Needs to be longer.


Well, so much for my "zeroth Doctor" hypothesis. I wish this had been in the episode proper. Still, very nice to get some closure on the Eighth Doctor. Funny, in a way - all we'll have seen of him (onscreen) consists of his origin, a glimpse at an adventure with Two (himself a matter of some mystery), and his end. Hey, Big Finish experts - any significance to those companion names?
Nevermind - tardis.wikia answered my question.

Those were indeed Big Finish companions. The powers that be have always been ambiguous when it comes to canon. I guess the audio stories - or at least Eight's - are now firmly in continuity.
Absolutely fantastic. As a huge admirer of McGann's Doctor, this is like the best gift moffat could have given me as the 50th anniversary gets ever nearer. I felt the excitement of a 5 year old watching the series for the first time. If only we could have had a full episode, but hey, im just very pleased and grateful that moffat has listened to the fans. McGann nails it completely. And moffat, well done sir. You bought a tear of joy to this fans face .
Wow, even apart from the greatness of seeing McGann again, I was surprised to see Claire Higgins for the first time in 25 years. Haven't seen her in anything since Hellraiser II.
bionicbob Wrote:

I'm looking forward to that as well. I'm actually a fan of Hartnell, and this guy really seems to have his mannerisms down.