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The Rain Gods written by Neil Gaiman

Written by Steven Moffat (according to the onscreen credit). Smile

Assuming he put this out there for some future reference to the Rain Gods he will make in the 50th or the Christmas itself it seems like it doesn't have much to do with anything.
The onscreen credit is incorrect. Gaiman did write it. It is a bonus feature from the Series Seven dvd set.
Ah, thanks for clarifying!
It remains a tragedy that many of the earliest classic 'Doctor Who' episodes were short-sightedly erased after their initial transmission here in the U.K.

But the recent rumours of copies of *some* of those lost episodes being discovered seem to be looking increasingly fingers crossed for some complete story arcs if this pans out, whatever the number found - Latest BBC confirmation - Press conference delayed a little -
Okay, here's an update on those lost episodes -

Great news of course, but there are still hints floating around that this is perhaps a dripfeed of some further news to come yet. Not sure if those hopes will prove correct...but I'll remain cautiously optimistic until the full 50th Anniversary hoopla is upon us, to see if that pans out or not, as I guess that's when we'd hear if there's any more.

Either way, it looks like they've sat on these a while, and the restoration team has done a fine job. Here's the trailers -
The Trailer for the Special has been released!
^ Amazing trailer!

Purchased THE DOCTORS REVISITED 5-8, again not for long time fans, but for me it is a nice overview. First time I have seen REMEMBERANCE OF THE DALEKS since college, and I LOVED it! Brilliant adventure. Had never seen EARTHSHOCK before, very good story, I always liked Peter Davidson's Doctor. The Colin Baker story was interesting, lots of interesting ideas, but did not really hold my attention.

oh and the dvd set came with Doctor fridge magnets! My bride is going to hate me! Hee hee! Big Grin
bionicbob Wrote:oh and the dvd set came with Doctor fridge magnets! My bride is going to hate me! Hee hee! Big Grin
[Image: haters_gonna_hate_with_matt_smith__d_by_...5ywwwp.gif]