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Students from the University of Central Lancashire (with approval of the BBC) have recreated one of the missing Doctor Who episodes in all it's blurry, black and white, micro-budget glory. Just gone up on youtube:

An ultimate fan film and a bit like that Alien student show. What a cool thing for all these kids to have on their CVs "worked on a 1965 Doctor Who episode" Big Grin .

Making of too:

It's so weird because I'd say 2 or 3 days ago I was in my car thinking about how surprising it is that fans haven't tried recreating the missing episodes since it takes a LONG time for the animations to come out and they are selective about which ones they do.  I've been hoping and craving to see The Dalek Masterplan in all its glory.  I was able to get a copy of the graphic novel that was made for charity and all it did besides fill in some gaps in the overall Who story is make me dream of seeing the story come to life (and not necessarily in animated form).  Maybe these guys will venture into that territory since this is essentially a prequel to that story?
This is a great choice for fan reproduction since it doesn't have any of the main cast in it anyway.
(10-10-2019, 08:39 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: [ -> ]This is a great choice for fan reproduction since it doesn't have any of the main cast in it anyway.

I just wish they would use David Bradley and cast some lookalikes for the other characters and reproduce some of the other lost ones that are more-or-less essential Who, like Marco Polo or Dalek Master Plan or film a couple of TV movies that basically sums up those missing stories (like cut Marco Polo down to an hour special or Dalek Master Plan to a 90 minute special).
^ Yep. It's not like it would be expensive, or time consuming to recreate those episodes if they went for the same 60s aesthetic (technically speaking). There would probably be rights issues though. The Dalek rights holders (or the authors of other stories) were okay with some students doing one episode but the BBC doing whole series for commercial release might not so easily be approved.
Hey, the second I see a kickstarter type thing to recreate Dalek Master Plan, I will donate my first born to see that come to life (sorry, my son).
The guy who did that making of doc is Josh Snares, and he's been putting out great documentaries on his YouTube channel for awhile now.  It's great to see his work getting recognition from the BBC!
I hope we get some series 12 trailers or some more concrete news soon, all I've had to deal with on the Gallifrey Base forums are pages and pages of wild, unfounded speculation about Jodie and Chibs leaving after series 12, christmas specials being rushed into production, and a hard reboot for the show after 2023. Utterly mad.
I am also nervous not having heard anything for so long. I'm still disappointed that we aren't even getting a Christmas special this year.
I actually think we might get a surprise Christmas special this year. I saw something about filming currently being underway for a Christmas special that the article assumed would air next year, but it seems absurd for them to film a 2020 Christmas special in October 2019.