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Full Version: Arrested Development
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Taste the happy!
I feel the opposite of this...

[Image: 280__charliebrown.gif]
With all those moderator control issues and quickness to fear, anger, and hate (respectively), I'm sure you reacted more similarly to this: [Image: imager.php?id=1014179&t=o]

i've watched all three series on netflix after hearing so many good things about this show and i wasn't disappointed. unfortunately shows like this often get a crappy tv schedule here in the uk, looking forward to this series i hear it has a different approach in that each episode will focus on one character but that it all connects with one another

I never watched it when it was on; it was a British friend who actually introduced me to it. My wife and I watched all three seasons in a week, and now we're excited to see this new season, especially after this preview.
Holy shit, just watched the trailer. This might actually be a revival of a great show that doesn't disappoint and actually meets the fans expectations!
One word: ostrich.
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