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Full Version: I have now watched Simpsons. Now this is the Official Thread
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I am propably one of the very few people that have never watched anything Simpsons related. I have only seen propably half min total of random clips from youtube so far. The only thing i know is that the people are yellow. I have no hate torwards the consept of the show or anything, it just never happened for some reason. And since i am a big fan of stuff like family guy and robot chicken this should be something i will propably like.
But since there are 23 (!) seasons so far, which are the seasons worth watching? At which point the show started to be good and when it started to suck? Any suggestions from Simpson's fans would be apreciated.
Start from season 2. Season one is weird.
Where to start? Start by hanging your head in shame. Wink
Did you just escape Amish country? :lol: How can you not have ever seen The Simpsons?


I can write you up a detailed list of which episodes to watch in what order.

Let me summarize it :

1) Season 1 episodes 1-13.
2) Season 2 episodes 1-22.
3) Season 3 episodes 1-24.
4) Season 4 episodes 1-22.
5) Season 5 episodes 1-22.
6) Season 6 episodes 1-22.
7) Season 7 episodes 1-25.
8) Season 8 episodes 1-25.
9) Season 9 episodes 1-25.
10) Enjoy life.
"Home Vs. The Eighteenth Amendment", aka the Beer Baron episode, is my favorite Simpsons episode ever.
i've given up on the simpsons and haven't seen any new episodes in the last 5 years. as for where to start i'd say anything from seasons 1-10 is when the simpsons was at it's best

the hank scorpio episode is one my favorites
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