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Full Version: Continuum
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Watched a couple of episodes. Rachel Nichols (Alias, GI Joe, Star Trek) is hot as ever, the action's good and the premise is pretty cool as well. Well worth checking out, three episodes so far. Lots of the great action show regulars are in it too.

Terrorists from 2077 escape the authorities by time-jumping to 2012. One task force cop, (Nichols) hitches a ride.

[Image: 258171-2.jpg]
Rachel Nichols? She's reason enough to watch anything! Smile And I like time travel stories, too.

So since I'm interested, this show will last six episodes.
Nah, it's Showtime so it probably get a full season...
Quite enjoying this so far, episode 1 was a fantastic opener.
Watched the first two episodes and it's interesting enough to watch the full 13 episode season I think. I thought I might be the only one watching it. Good to know there are others. AND it's got William B. Davis in it. Well, hopefully we'll see more of him in future episodes.