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Full Version: FE Academy, New and Improved!
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Thank you all, I truly am humbled and honored!
congrats, edward seciorhands! Smile
+1 to that /\
wait a minute. does he get a ring of power?
ssj Wrote:congrats, edward seciorhands! Smile
lol, thanks ssj!

baileym43 Wrote:+1 to that /\
and thank you too bailey!

ssj Wrote:wait a minute. does he get a ring of power?

hmm, how many are there again? 9?
#: depends on your race. human, dwarven, elven, whatever sauron is?
I'm glad to see that my nomination was accepted, despite the fact that it came from me Wink
Thanks Frink! Smile
Wow, I just noticed this. Congrats, Seciors! You really deserve it! :-)
Gatos Wrote:Congrats seciors!

I was too lazy to type what ^he said and then i typed all this.
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