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Full Version: SG1 Finale
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im in bits right now, just watching the season 10 finale (again) and im crying my eyes out (again). i know im a big fan but this is beyond belief, the final episode just jars me to a point that im almost breaking down. is it just me? or is this a particularly powerful episode?

im alright til the montage kicks in and that song plays (what is it btw) and then i just go to pieces!! i know i love the characters and the universe that this series is set in but what im feeling is just way over the top for a tv show that im kinda into and it just doesn't make sense. it happened with 'conspiracy theory' as well, when the end credits rolled i was just so overwhelmed it wasnt true, is this normal cos the emotional rollercoaster is one hell of a ride!?!? [/i]
what the hell is SG1?
voodl Wrote:what the hell is SG1?

Stargate. The series starring MacGuyver
voodl Wrote:what the hell is SG1?

Shame shame shame on you Tongue
I havent seen any of episodes......
even more shame then :lol: it was a great show!

so anyone who has seen this, any thoughts?
Yeah, it's pretty sad that it's (almost) over. You could say they had 10 good years, but then I would channel Ted Stevens and shout "NO!!!" and say that the past two seasons were a new show (the producers wanted to change the name, even) so it really only had 2 seasons. I would have loved to have seen a nice, solid 5-year Ori arc. More Mitchell, more Vala. Even if the remaining members of SG-1 eventually left the show.

I have been watching the DVDs. I finished Line in the Sand a few hours ago. Between the DVDs and the DST toys, I am in full Stargate mode right now.
never knew they were thinking about a name change! i must say i was sad to see jack go but mitchell and vala were great replacements! i absolutely loved farscape (i think poss my fave SF show of all time) so when i found out they were coming to Sg1 i was ecstatic. unfortunately, it seems, they are show killers Sad

still we have the two movies to look forward to which i am keeping a close eye on.

so what were your thoughts on the finale? i know the time dilation story has been done before (quite a few times in fact) but for me there really was something special about the episode and the way the characters developed while trapped.

if danial and vala do not get it together in one of the new movies im gonna personally do a drive-by on the entire production staff.
The finale had it's moments, but I didn't think it was great. I dunno, I will have to get back to you in a few days when I see it again. Haven't seen it in a while, and it was only the one time.

The movies have been pushed back AGAIN, did you see that? Spring, 2008 for The Ark of Truth!!
i guess im in the minority then as after reading through a few SG1 forums quite a few other people didnt like it either. :-(

as regards to the movies im just glad thye're being made at all, i remember being so pissed off when i found out Sci-Fi hadn't picked up farscape for a new season (hence it being canned) and then had to wait i dunno how many months til it was rvealed that they were gonna finish it off properly (or at lest as properly as they could) with a mini series.

the extra wait still sucks balls though!
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