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So anyone else so hopelessly behind with current Tv that they've only just seen the first couple of episodes of this?

so far i think its good but not epic, considering how many people are raving about it though i can only assume that it gets better and better 8)

im especially looking forward to find out more about Niki Sanders (Stripper with Psycho Alter Ego), Matt Parkman (Copper who Reads thoughts) and Claire Bennet (Indestructable Cheerleader)

roll on next week!
I watched the season in 3 days.

I thought the whole season was pretty solid from start 'til second to last episode. I thought the season finally was a bit of a letdown.

It's on of the few things on TV I actually watch on a regular basis.
I've had the entire series on dvd for a while, can't be bothered watching it, I got bored about 10 minutes into the first episode. :???:

I will watch it someday, after smallville, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, prison break and Dexter.
i thought it was pretty cool. i had really really low expectations, so i guess that helps. i thought the first few episodes were pretty awesome, there were some things throughout the season where I was like "come on, thats uber-cheese" but nonetheless it wasnt bad for TV. i still have the last couple episodes to watch
Absolutely loved it and in particular thought the last 3 or 4 episodes were excellent.
Sweet Smile will look into other methods of obtaining the eps.
yeah. watch it mate. that?s really good tv entertainment! i will be there when season 2 goes on air.

...and you?ll get to see richard roundtree and malcom mcdowell!

IIRC the first few episodes are not amazing...but eventually it reaches a point where my mind was being blown in every episode. And I was just like "Man, this is awesome" every week, Kind of like Lost in the first season.

I am expecting the show to go downhill now. They kind of already did with the season 1 finale, IMO. But I will be watching.
oh man dont get me started on Lost, what a complete train wreck thats turned out to be!!

and after forcing myself to stay with it through season 3, i then find out we've got another 3 bloody season to go.

anyway back on topic. i should have the first season in a day or so, so im looking forward greatly to sitting down and watching them.
funny this thing with taste...

i loved every episode of lost so far. to me it?s the best tv show. it is a bit annoying that they?re gonna stretch the two remaining seasons to three but on the other hand it?s quite understandable seeing that almost the whole tv owning world is totally crazy about this show...

the thing that is really really evil about lost and pisses me completely off is the fact that we?ll have to wait till january for the fourth season...

Sad Sad Sad
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