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Too early to tell what the rest of the season will be like :/

I'm on the 4th episode now & I'm kinda conflicted. I still think it's better than Season 2 but, it does feel they're working to a formula. Pete goes into the future sees end of the world has to stop it, Hiro on another quest & the rest of the characters are being changed from villians to heros with each new episode.

I suppose the writers have found themselves in a difficult situation. All writers have to grow & evolve to keep their ideas fresh, but when they did that with Season 2 it didn't work. So they've obviously decided to go back to the basics of Season 1, but by doing that the "rule of the diminishing" has now happened.

I think the sad thing is that it's clear the creator of Heros only had the one idea of in his head & that was the first season. It's a similar thing that happpened to Lucas & the Wachowski's. They only ever really had one proper fleshed out idea in their minds but when success over took them & they found themselves having to come up with more ideas they soon discovered they had no more stories to tell.

Then again I suppose it's difficult to quit while you're ahead when you're making so much money.
Definitely, FM. I liked the alternate ending to season 2 where the virus does get released...that would have made a much more interesting plot for season 3...still, it's early, so it may improve.
seems to me they are redoing season 2, since season 2 did suck mainly because they never had the chance to wrap anything up,

my own predictions for this seapon are syler will be a good guy by the end of it and hiro will be a main bad guy, i say this because of the fact that the danger in the second and 3rd season are directly related to hiro, the scene in number 3 when him and his sidekick are fighting, it seems he doesnt so much want the world to be safe as much as he wants to feel good about him self, telling himself he is a hero, it seems a lot like how many vilians become villains and seems directly related to sydrome from the incredibals, put the world in danger to save it
OK Season 3 is half way through now & I'm still not convinced. :x

I gave it a chance with a few episodes at the beginning because I felt it would take the writers 4 or 5 episodes to tie up the loose ends of Season 2 & start a fresh with setting up Season 3. That's why I was willing to over look the messy plots & twists cause I thought it would settle down after a bit, but it hasn't. Tongue

Season 2 & 3 kinda reminds me of those couples where someone has cheated & they've agreed to get back together again but no matter how hard they try deep down they know it will never be the same as before. That's kinda how I feel with Season 3, I've gotten over Season 2 & tried to give Season 3 a second chance but I know it'll never be like the good old days. :/

I'm gonna finish the rest of the Season because I hate to leave things incomplete, but I'll be saying my goodbyes to Heroes afterwoulds & like a dodgy girlfriend will be relieved when it's dropped. 8)

In no way am I saying I've had the same emotional attachment to this silly program as I've had with ex-girlfriends, that would be taking things too far. :-o
I've totally lost interest in the series. I tried the first few episodes and they were enjoyable, but they really didn't hold my interest at all. I like watching Hiro and Ando's mad quest but really that's all that's good in the series any more and I really can't be bothered watching another boring episode any more.
indeed, i watched the first 6 episodes but i got bored and have 7 - 10 queued up but have always found a reason not to watch them.

oh well,

/waits til new Lost turns up.
The newest episodes are taking a nice turn. Heroes being hunted and badass Sylar.
This season has slipped right back to total directionless nonsense of the second season. When I think back to that first season and how exhilarating it was to watch each episode....I mean the plot raced ahead at lightning speed. No heel dragging like Lost or Stargate...but now?

I mean Clare. She escapes, she gets captured, she escapes, she gets captured. People constantly changing sides and now the powers. You have em, you don't, you do, you don't. Peter and Nathan showdowns put me to sleep!

----here maybe spoilers.........

This week was the most dragass episode - what the hell was the whole India plot about? Why were they in India? How were they in India? Clare runs around with newbie while inept govt unit can't catch them. Inept Govt has cameras on the whole of the US and is monitored by 1 or 2 guys.....horrible predictable scene where Tracy escapes to prove to stupid govt person that the dept must stay open. Noah is drugged - and by who - I was shouting 'Parkman, Parkman' and who do we see.....?

It's so horribly dumb and predictable now...and it appears to be directionless - there's no arc here, just random nonsense. On Sylar seems to have any decent screen time and what's happened to him? Now he's moral?!??!?!?!? :roll:
white43 Wrote:On Sylar seems to have any decent screen time and what's happened to him? Now he's moral?!??!?!?!? :roll:

no, even better: he´s searching his father!


how boring is that shit? can´t wait to see yesterday´s lost episode. that´s good story telling. they seem to know what they want to tell even before they shoot the episode!
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