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joebshmoe Wrote:if i wanted to watch a show about cherry blossoms in the fall i would have rented any one of julia roberts' movies.

but i don't.

and if episode 4 isn't awesome i'm not going to invest any more time into this show.

tv just doesn't have good enough material. i'd rather do something else.

so you are not into romantics in tv shows...?

what about the scene where sylar eats that nice/fat ladies brains?

not enough romance?
Uuups. Sorry everyone.


LOL heinrich - i'm not sure what you are smoking but i want some
joebshmoe Wrote:LOL heinrich - i'm not sure what you are smoking but i want some

:lol: :lol: :lol:

sorry dude but it?s only enough for one...

My main gripe this season is the Mexican couple. SOOOOOOO boring. I don't give a shit about them at all. Every time they come on screen, I am tempted to fast forward.

The rest is about as I expected. A step down from the brilliance of the first season, but still decent.

Sean, why the obsession with trying to post links here?
beckmen Wrote:Sean, why the obsession with trying to post links here?
Because he's a dumb little douchebag with a loose grip on reality.
I know that this thread has been quiet for almost a year but i figured I'd complain because thats what the internets for, right?

who else hated the second season of Heroes?

I never watched the show till the second season was starting, I saw season 1 on DVD and it was so awsome I watched it in a few days. I quickly torrented the second season eager to continue the story and the majority of it was nonsense. 2 mexicans? kristin bell? less Hiro/Ando? WTF!!!

anyway, with the start of season 3 a few days away I figured I'd gripe about season 2 and hope 3 can get back to the awesomeness of season 1.

but with all my other favorite shows either on Hiatus (BSG) or in the crapper (Lost, Prison Break, Terminator:SCC) Heroes, Locked up Abroad and Fringe (havent fully made up my mind on this one yet) are all I really have so heres hoping its a solid return to form!
I really enjoyed season 1, but I thought season 2 was teh suck. I have low expectations for season 3. I hope I am wrong.
As much as I loved Season One I hated Season Two so I had no expectations for Season 3 & was more than willing to not bother with it.

But, I just watched the 1st episode of Season Three & I thought it was better than the whole of Season 2 put together. It was full on with excellent twists, revalations, good new characters & a clear overall plot. True it did feel like they were resorting to the tried & tested formula of Season One, but after Season 2 sucking so hard I don't mind the writers going back to what worked & what never needed fixing in the first place.

Hopefully they can use this episode as a strong foundation stone for an excellent season that will make Season 2 a distant memory.
Season 3 episodes 1 + 2 = Good
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