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yeah it was on monday in the states. imho it was less interesting than the finale of season 1!

...i hope it doesn't start sucking...
Heinrich Wrote:how come I don?t find any traces of that in the internet?
I found a working "trace" a few days back and viewed it.. Yeah, not as good as s1. It was like a set-up episode, but seeing Sark from Alias was really cool.
mes, could you please pm me the details...?

Episode two was rather nice. I'm liking the Peter-storyline and Hiro's is also damn good, somewhat because it has Sark from Alias.
i'm just getting annoyed that not much is happening and the characters they are focusing on don't have very interesting sub-plot storylines...

they need to drop a fricken bomb already
Well, I was expecting Hiro to take over for Kensei and essentially 'become' him. But now it looks like instead Hiro is going to be Kensei's moral compass and friend, much like Ando is to him. Of course I was wrong before (twice...I originally thought Katio was Kensei and he was immortal), so I could very well be wrong again.
I too actually thought that Hiro would become Kensei until the end of e2.
joebshmoe Wrote:they need to drop a fricken bomb already

i know what you mean. i like the first to episodes. they start with the same nice feeling to it.

i hope in the next one to two episodes they let it loose...

as in ?save the cheerleader, save the world?...
beckmen! i thought he was immortal, too!
I thought it was rather "bomb-ish" when Peter started SHOOTING BALLS OF LIGHT Z0MG!
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