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btw: the third season final of lost? that was some fuckin awesome tv entertainment!

this episode blew the whole load!
cant disagree with that, it was a bloody great piece of tv. i loved what they did with the, ahem, flashbacks. very very clever of them. i only just twigged what was going on with them about half way into it.

btw any ideas on who the dead person is? (Jack goes to the funeral but noone else does) i couldn't work out whether it was Sawyer, his (Jacks) Dad or maybe Locke?
it?s not saywer because kate is with him in the future. my guess is it?s ben...
that would make an interesting twist 8)
on episode 13 of heroes and im absolutely loving it! great plot, great characters (think im developing a crush on Claire) and Hiro is just getting better and better at first i thought he'd be really annoying after while but they've written his character brilliantly and the actor does an excellant job with the material.
sooooooo... new season is almost there and i can?t wait to see it! new heroes, new villains and there is Uhura on the cast!!!

i don?t like the fact that the actor who played sylar will be the young spock on the other hand that movie is probably going to suck anyway so what the heck...

but again: HEROES!!!!!!!!

BTW nomarch: did you see the rest of the show? wasn?t it great?
heroes is one of my favorite (and only) TV shows to watch.

it was AMAZING but i could definitely see the value of trimming things here and there... Wink

...maybe season 1 in 3 feature films or something. there were a few episodes i saw back-to-back and that was much more exciting!
i know what you mean. i watched at least two to three episodes in a row.

there?s only a few things better than watching a bunch of episodes of a great tv show (heroes, lost, prison break, the simpsons, you name it) in a row...
yeah finished watching them quite a while ago. cant wait for season 2 and origins to come. Kevin Smith is even directing the first ep of Origins which should be interesting.

i agree the finale was a bit of a let down although it just made me more desperate to see season 2!

speaking of new seasons Nip/Tuck Season 5 in a few weeks time!! WOOT!!!
heyho... wasn?t the second season supposed to be on us television a few days back?

how come I don?t find any traces of that in the internet?
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