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Season 1 was nice. Season 2 was okay, nothing special or so but it had its moments. Season 3 was boring, specially the second arc called "fugitives". The ending of season 3 was lame, what happened with Sylar and Nathan. And the way of resolving it all.

I own season 1 and 2 on DVD, but I'm still doubting if I should get season 3. I still have to watch season 4, but I don't have high hopes anymore.
T-HOPE Wrote:I still have to watch season 4, but I don't have high hopes anymore.
Then your hopes are in the right place.
I liked the episode a couple weeks ago where Hiro went back to save Charlie. I don't think there's been an episode that felt that close to a season 1 episode...well since season 1. I guess it helped that the entire thing was basically based during the season 1 timeline.

I commented during the first moments of the last episode that I was really tired of a character and it was time for him/her to die, and then they went and made it happen....and then they ruined it Sad
Heroes has garnered by interest again - and I've worked out why.

The last 3/4 episodes have stopped trying to follow everyone's story at once and focus on just one or two characters instead. This leads to better development and a more centralised plot - which, is centering around Samuel and the circus....unlike the disaster of Season 2, which just had no clue where it was going whatsoever.

I think you'll find we've lost Ando as a character now, not such a bad thing - Heroes always suffered the issue of too many characters split all over the place and unless, like in season 1, all working towards the same goal, ends up going nowhere.

Sylar is back to his old self again, which is always a good thing - I like how they're mixing it up with Parkman(Pacman, if you live in the African desert).

ok, so that happened last night....anybody watch? Any thoughts?

I thought it was a mixed bag. Same formula with mostly new faces. It is definitely a continuation not a reboot, so unless you are a fan of the original series, a new viewer may have been a bit lost and confused with all that was going on. Not too mention that many of the cameos, past character references and other name droppings would have little to no impact on a new viewer.

The new characters I think show nuggets of interesting potential but I did not find that any of them had the immediate engagement level the way the original pilot did.... or may be I am just comparing apples to oranges?

I was actually getting really excited for this show. Wonderful memories of season one may have clouded my judgement? Though to be fair, even though the quality the original show began to decline with each season, I always found it entertaining. Frustrating but entertaining. The constant reset button each season. The writers trying to find new and stupid ways to keep Sylar around.. he's evil, he's good, he's evil again.... But that said, it was the amazing cast that kept me tuned in to the bitter end.

I hope Kring has learned from the missteps of the previous series, but so far these first two episodes lack the charm and magic of the original.

bionicbob what a terrible heap of **** the new series turned out to be hu? Seems like Kring didn't learn a single lesson since the original Heroes. Anyway, was wondering if Heroes might end up being better for goin under the surgeon's knife. Any thought anyone?
Yeah, Heroes Reborn was a monumental waste of time.
I was bored from start to finish. There was nothing fresh or invigorating. Kring just followed the exact same formula from his previous seasons, which is quite a trick considering the Evos had been finally outed. Honestly, I really think what made season one of Heroes such a huge success was the writing/producing of Bryan Fuller, not Kring. Fuller departed with season two, and the show never recovered.

I am sure this "event" could easily be cut to a 2-3 hour movie, as there was so much wasted time, filler and boring characters that could be eliminated and streamlined. But it would take a much bigger fan than me to undertake the
I have no interest or desire to ever lay my eyes on that piece of crap that was heroes reborn ever again, it was nauseating to say the least! I meant reediting the original series (s1-4 maybe?). Unfortunately I still have a soft spot for it, pretty much solely because of the pilot I think Tongue Interesting point about Fuller, never thought about his influence being that strong in what made s1 so much better than the rest.
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