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Quote:Just realised, Peter never saved that Irish chick from the future in season 2. I thought he'd kind of remember he had to save her in season 3 or something.

Wow, I completely forgot about her. I guess the folks in charge ho--

Wait...I see something --- someone goes into the future to see why DC is blown sky-high and manages to rescue her. That's it! They aren't rehashing material, they're just taking and altering existing material to put a new spin on it! Yes, totally awesome!!!*

*[size=7]Take two 400mg sarcasm tablets and call me in the morning, please.[/size]
yesterday's episode, [spoiler:1mo5hymw]the one where Sylar finds out about his mom[/spoiler:1mo5hymw] was not as bad as the one before that, but still far from good. If it wasn't for my wife, I think I would have long stopped watching that show which started so promising.
I thought the last episode was much better, watchable even. That Bryan Fuller fella wrote it & the difference shows. The drama, comedy & even the romantic stuff worked pretty well. It's a shame he left after Season one, 1 good episode hardly makes up for 2 shite Seasons.
Agreed FM. Last weeks and this weeks seemed to actually be coherent again.

[spoiler:2c3yuqxm]And this week they've already killed off two pointless characters....even though Ali Larter is hot stuff. Bit disappointed that Rebel is Mikka.[/spoiler:2c3yuqxm]
I loved this episode.

HRG is still in the middle of sh!t. Always working his own agenda.

Zeljko is still a bad ass that you love to hate, though with last episode's end, I thought Sylar would be coming after him.

Ma Petrelli on the run was cool. I don't get how Peter found her though.

Hiro, Ando, and Toddler Touch and Go were all great. Saw Hiro getting power back a mile away, though I thought Ando may have had to charge Matt first.

I didn't see the Parkman/Daphne thing until it was revealed. Something was off, but I just wasn't sure.

I loved everything Tracy, except the dressing room. The parking garage was beautiful.

I missed Sylar this episode.
Soo, Volume 4 is over... [spoiler:1om5cmwg]I liked how Sylar used his ability in the begining of the episode. It was.. creative. The twist was interesting. Oh, and the big final battle? They decided not to show it? What the hell?[/spoiler:1om5cmwg]
It wasn't too bad really, I just thought it would be "bigger". It gives me a feeling of deja vu, I think something like that was planned for season 1 or 2, I don't remember well, but there was someone went to the future[spoiler:1om5cmwg]and found out Sylar was actually the President.[/spoiler:1om5cmwg]I don't recall, since most of the "time travel" and the "visions" never actually happen or even matter in the next episodes. These kind of things just lead nowhere, lead away from the story and in the end, make me lose interest in the characters and show itself. Sylar can be fun, Hiro too, even Mat has his moments, but 80% percent of the stuff that happens actually makes me feel... numb.

So what do you guys thought of it? Any remaining "fans" out there?
i've stopped watching this a few episodes into season 3. perhaps i'll pickup the DVDs.

actually i probably won't.
Well. The finale of Season 4(Volume 4) was pretty underwhelming. As suggested on, I rather hope Tim Kring passes over responsibilities to someone else....
I'm still pissed Peter hasn't got all the abilities like he did in Season One. They should hand it over to someone else & if they can't make it into something exciting then they should put the show out of it's misery.
so. watched a few episodes of the new season. I like it better than the last one but that was a total pile of crap.

but i have the feeling that somehow they started to tell a story again. show us new heroes with abilities. that ability to see sounds is a great idea. it seems like they start using their cosmos again instead of letting the actors stumble around in it. I even like Sylar again. ok that idea with his soul and his body being apart but still the body part is 100 per cent Sylar without the evilness is stupid but since Star Trek i like watching the dude again. And having T-bag on board is a good idea. I even like this whole circus freaks idea...

anyway since ratings are still going downhill (even with the lesbian kissing thing :oops: ) that is probably the last season...
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