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Full Version: Lois and Clark
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What is the general feeling of this show? I know it is not as "serious" as Smallville but I love the chemistry between Teri and Dean especially in the first couple of seasons.

It is often disliked by Superman fans more so than Smallville so just wondered what others think of it?

I happen to like it for what it is, a more comical take on the legend.
Nope, I love it. The only thing that bothers me is how they pushed Clark Kent forward. This was John Byrne's idea in his six-part Man of Steel comic series. By pushing back Superman, and making him the alternate persona, they gave Clark a stronger, less bumbling personality. Bad idea, in my opinion.

If you look at Clark and Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, the only thing setting them apart, is a slicked back hairstyle and some glasses. At least Christopher Reeve slouched, and bumbled and stuttered on purpose. It gave his character a whole new angle, which made it impossible for anyone else -besides Lois- to even consider such an oaf to be the Man of Steel.

It's still on my to-buy list (I've only seen countless reruns, but never bought them).

Soon as I get them, I'm definitely going to make a fanedit Smile
I remember seeing this as a kid. I liked it to be honest. I liked the fact that it was more focused on Clark than Superman, something different than usual. Him and Lois had a nice chemistry and it was an ok series as far as i remember. Though i agree with Kal-El, i would have preferred a more bumbling personality. It wasn't the worst show but it wasn't the best either. Overall a good series. It didn't drag on forever with a truckload of pointless episodes like Smallville did. I guess the 10 seasons vs 4 seasons had also something to do with that :-P
Hahaha, yes it might Smile The chemistry was top class too, indeed. But I was never a fan of the original Jimmy Olsen, or Cat Grant. Those two were never any good.

It also had its lesser episodes. I distinctly remember an episode (Never On Sunday) with illusionist Baron Sunday (Baron Samedi, anyone?), and a younger Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown on CSI:LA.) Never liked that episode, nor the other one with a magician, namely Illusions of Grandeur, starring Penn Jillette.
I still enjoy the series, but I have to be honest, it feels extremely dated and some episodes are down right painful to watch. It is definitely more of a romantic comedy than any real serious attempt at the Superman mythos. Terri Hatcher is amazing as Lois. Lane Smith made a great Perry White. Dean Cain was a good (not great) Clark Kent but a very poor Superman IMO.

In terms of significant and accurate character portrayal/development and exploring the Superman/DC Universe mythology, I definitely prefer SMALLVILLE.Smile

[Image: terihatcherinsupermanca.jpg]
Agreed. But while Cain did an okay job, he never faced any real threats imo.
Smallville's threats were far more real, partially because of its more contemporary setting, and bigger budget.
Kal-El Wrote:If you look at Clark and Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, the only thing setting them apart, is a slicked back hairstyle and some glasses.

I remember an episode in the 3rd or 4th season where someone from the future made fun of Lois for not figuring that out.
I remember it got very silly at times like the Lois cloned from Frogs, or Orson Welles and the one about the haunted house.
Anyone got any input on John Shea? I thought he was okay as a villain but I never really found any lex-like quality to him. I suppose him spending the first season with a full head of hair didn't help.
Agreed. Calling him by a different name wouldn't have changed a thing.
Anyone remember the episode with the thawed out Nazis? :lol:
Yeah, I think I agree with the general consensus. L&C was cute, but Smallville was a bit more epic.

I wish Smallville hadn't dragged on for as long as it did, though. There seemed to be about enough material there for a movie trilogy, not for 10 years of a TV show.

On a semi-related note, here are a couple of things I did for fun and posted on YouTube. Here's the L&C theme with the Smallville music:

Conversely, here's the Smallville theme with the L&C music: