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Full Version: Tapatalk Users
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If you are a member that uses Tapatalk we have disabled that plugin. This is due to a conflict with the Early Viewer Feedback forum. This area is private between faneditors and those who offer early viewer feedback to them (by invite only), and Tapatalk circumvented this privacy by allowing users to read posts. However, we have enabled a mobile style so you can access the site easier through your mobile web browser. We feel that this is a fair tradeoff.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Kinda sucks hardcore, but i get the reasoning behind disabling it. With that being said is there a way to see the site normaly on my phone? Better yet is there another iphone app that is comprible?
Give the mobile theme a try. It's actually pretty good, but of you want the full site just scroll to the bottom of the page and click Full Site.
Thanks Q2, last question, if the issue is adressed with a future release of tapatalk will it be te enabled?
Most assuredly. I'm actually talking to both developers to see if they can help me get it working properly.
Thank you for all the time you have spent working on this issue and for continuing to work on it. I know that Tapatalk is a great help to me and Im sure many others. So thanks Q2. You da Man.
Thanks, Q.
Oh yeah... Tapatalk is working again. Booya.
Q2 Wrote:Oh yeah... Tapatalk is working again. Booya.

Thats because you rock sir.
Thank you. I've been trying to use the app and it's finally working here again. Smile
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