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I am a bit shocked there isn't already a thread for this show, especially given that the only reason I started watching it was because of some folk constantly talking about it in the chat room, and because of a bet.

I have now finished the first two seasons and since nobody else has publicly declared it, I will have to be the one say that Community is one of the most genius comedies I have ever seen. Its demographic is slightly geeky males, but I'm guessing that includes most everyone active in this forum.

It finds its footing midway through season 1. Season 2 is the best all-around season of comedy I think I have ever seen. Maybe there is a Seinfeld season or two that could give it a run for its money. South Park probably has some funnier episodes but nothing as consistently funny. In fact it reminds me a bit of South Park with its creative license, witty writing, tons of cultural references, and lots of subtle humor.

Midway through season 1, the creators stumbled onto to a magical idea (or maybe they planned it from the start, but it isn't totally apparent to the audience until then). The idea is a TV show about a socially awkward boy who's only way to relate to people and make sense of reality is through comparisons to TV. The show only occasionally makes it overtly apparent that we are seeing everything through his (Abed's) eyes. In essence it is a show about a show inside a boy's head! This gives them just about unlimited creative license to warp the show in any way they want. Brilliant!

Also great acting with a couple famous comedian regulars such as Chevy Chase as well as many awesome guest stars.
Pictures really do speak a 1000 words.
Yes they do.

[Image: tumblr_lrw7bgrirC1qf97j8o1_500.gif]
I love this show. However, I see Abed's situation more like Deadpool. It's not going on in his head, he's just the only one aware of the fact that they're a tv show. The show went gold when he and Troy paired up and took sitcoms to a new level with the dimension crossing yahtzee game (and the new episode in the 3rd season has a delightful throwback to the evil spoilery thingy.)
I've only seen the first two seasons so far, but I actually preferred the first season. My favorite episodes are probably the Dungeon & Dragons one, the one where Abed is playing this weird director making a film about making a film, or something like that, and the Christmas claymation episode. Yes, I know those are all in the second season. I didn't really care for the "Fistful Of Paintballs" 3-part episode though. Abed is definitely my favorite character. I see parts of myself in him.
Season 3 had been kind of hit and miss (more hit than miss though). I was excited about the most recent episode ("Pillows and Blankets") but ultimately felt a little let down.

It worried me that they went the route of fake documentary for the second time this season. While it was a different concept than "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux" the basic structure was the same. I get the feeling the writers are spending too much time trying to figure out how to be cooler with each episode and not spending enough time to let the characters just go to town.

There were some moments of pure Community gold ("The North Cafeteria, named after Admiral William North, is located in the western portion of East Hall...") but the storyline of Abed vs. Troy was too easily resolved. After "Digital Exploration of Interior Design" I was expecting something more than at the end of the next episode they're best friends again. Also, a lot of the narration was too on-the-nose in explaining some of the jokes, which detracted from it a bit.

I will say though, the bumper at the end was excellent.
Best comedy show ever? No, that's

Trailer Park Boys
. Community however is very good although the show doesn't feel as magical anymore (to me).
addiesin Wrote:I love this show. However, I see Abed's situation more like Deadpool. It's not going on in his head, he's just the only one aware of the fact that they're a tv show.

If Abed is the only one aware its a tv show, then that implies he was involved in the making of the TV show, which still would mean we are seeing things from his perspective and imagination. This is extremely evident in some episodes such as claymation christmas, reality show, and yahtzee episodes. Less evident in most, thankfully. In over-the-top episodes like paintball & Zombie halloween, it helps to think that Abed's mind is probably exaggerating the actual events.
emphatic Wrote:Best comedy show ever? No, that's

Trailer Park Boys

Smokes. Gimme your smokes.
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