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Full Version: Star Wars Blu-ray Covers
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Thanks to a going-out-of-business Blockbuster, I finally got copies of ESB and RotJ on Blu-ray. However, they came in DVD cases with the awful Trilogy/Vader cover art. I really liked the simplicity of the disc art, so I made some Blu-ray sized covers based on them.

[Image: 005BD-Ep4.jpg]

[Image: 005BD-Ep5.jpg]

[Image: 005BD-Ep6.jpg]

They're available for download here. If you select a cover, once it goes full screen you can go to "Options" at the bottom and "Download full size".

The bottom part of the back is a little snarky, but I couldn't help myself. ;-) I'm willing to upload blanks for others to modify if there is demand.
Nice commentary. I approve this message Tongue