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Full Version: Luther
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A BBC detective series starring Idris Elba (Stringer Bell on The Wire, also was in RocknRolla and American Gangster etc.) The acting is great and the story lines are pretty cool (and quite dark IMO). I'm just finishing up the 2nd series/season (still getting used to how the UK calls it a series versus the States calling it a season).

Anyone else familiar with this show?

Also the different songs they use in the closing credits/"next episode" previews are great. I've been introduced to some good new music thanks to this show. Two quick examples of songs: Emiliana Torrini "Gun" and Joan as Policewoman "Flash".

After I finish the 2nd series I'm gonna have to start watching "The Take".
Here's a trailer for the first series/season:

And here's a trailer for the second series/season:

that trailer looks really interesting! might check it out! and those 2 songs are really good! the Gun one is especially haunting!
Looks nice. I love that actor and love British telly
Yes, it's an amazing show, really. I wondered if the first season could be edited to be about the first case (two adults and one dog) and it's consequences throughout the first season. Of course including what's needed for the final act to play out. I really loved that part.