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Full Version: Hannibal - The TV Series
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NBC just announced they are cancelling the show after 3 seasons.
I read from Hollywood Reporter that the producers are shopping around for possibly a new home. I hope that is true and that can be done. My appetite has not been satisfied. I need more Hannibal.
so did I, but that doesn't always mean anything, amazon seems to be the most obvious choice since they have streaming rights.
just want to see how far the show will go- i know they haven't secured the rights for the Clarice character, so wondering how much of the original saga will play into things and how much liberties they will take.
Sad news, the show is very special.
ok just watched the series finale. and im torn.
up to a certain point they stuck to the plots of the book, but then they decided to deviate.
now sure how i feel bout the ending.
Read spoilers, haven't seen it yet - but man, it sounds awesome - and pretty definitive.
My partner and I finally watched the third season of Hannibal.

Both of us had watched the first two seasons when they aired but for whatever reason we both didn't watch the third. Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic and we're in lockdown with an abundance of time and a stack of boxsets so we decided to rewatch Hannibal from the start. We finished it last night and I have to say that while the first two seasons are nearly flawless the third is potentially the most frustrating season of TV I have ever watched.

It isn't unusual for shows to deliver unsatisfying final chapters. Recently I've been disappointed by both Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones but Hannibal didn't disappoint exactly. Its final season had peaks of excellence that rival those in seasons one and two but for every peak there was a lull. I'm certainly happy I finished but I'm also happy that it's over. The final season, while at times deeply compelling, was something of a chore to watch.

The series lasts thirty nine episodes and of those episodes I can honestly say I only found three to be genuinely "weak". That those three episodes all come from season three demonstrates my frustration with its final chapter. It was a show that soared for its first two chapters only to stutter in its last. That isn't to say that it goes out on a whimper, far from it, but it is inescapable that it is its weakest season. Interestingly it was genuinely it's most frightening. It's still beautifully shot, still well acted and for the most part well written. It does at times feel very self indulgent. Like an overly rich dessert after two magnificent courses. Did it leave a sour taste in my mouth? No, but I can't deny that parts of it were a little hard to digest.
Good review. I remember really enjoying the show but feeling it was a little full of itself at times. I barely remember the third season. I had to look at some of the episode descriptions to remind myself if I had even seen it. And I don’t really remember how it ended; I had thought it was canceled before it was given a proper finale.
I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but I couldn't get into the third. Too goddamn artsy-fartsy, and I hate people who use "artsy-fartsy" unironically, so you know it wasn't to my liking.
(05-23-2020, 05:32 AM)Malthus Wrote: [ -> ]We finished it last night and I have to say that while the first two seasons are nearly flawless the third is potentially the most frustrating season of TV I have ever watched.

I second this!  That third season which I was super excited about, knowing they were tackling their version of Red Dragon, was quite a letdown and got lost in its own artsy-ness.  I was quite disappointed with their adaptation of Red Dragon and the ending overall.

It actually turned me off from going back and rewatching the show.
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