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Full Version: Hannibal - The TV Series
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finally able to watch this show. have to say that it's great. its darker than Dexter. the storylines have been pretty great so far too. weirdest episode has been episode 8. which i won't say anything more to ruin it for anyone that hasn't seen it yet. definitely pushes the boundaries on what's being shown on NBC.
I'm curious to see exactly where Fuller plans to take us in Season 2.
This series is a masterpiece! The second season has been completely flawless. It was so good that it made other shows I used to enjoy, looking at you Walking Dead, seem really tame and generic in comparison. My only worry is that not enough people are watching. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do yourself that favor. The series is poetry in both words and imagery. I can't praise it enough. The best damn show on TV since Breaking Bad. Please continue to give Hannibal some love on this threat, I know i will. "This is my design"

I think it's better than True Detective. Really hard to understand this is on NBC!
Started watching Unit 1 with Mads Mikkelsen.
I'll see how episodes I can hang with.
Appears to be police procedural, with a young Hannibal.
Best line of the series so far: "you slice the ginger."
above quote was before "He's in the pantry", which is my new favorite.

Season 2 was really fantastic. Anybody who didn't give this show a chance because during season 1 since it was risking cancellation and didnt want to get invested - its been renewed for a 3rd season, which means it will go its entire 6 season run (was originally designed for 7 seasons, but the writers (not the network) have combined 2 of them, though they haven't said yet which 2 - smart money is combining 3/4, ie the "on the run" and "red dragon" seasons, mostly eliminating the on the run, and having red dragon occur shortly after getting locked up.)

Anyway - this show really is one of the best shows out there right now, and its getting very little attention so far. Season 1 was good. Season 2 was right up there in the conversation with True Detective and Breaking Bad - which is amazing for a network show to be able to hang with those guys. Get in on it now. Don't be the guy that started watching Breaking Bad when the season 5 hype became overwhelming. Get in on the Hannibal train before its cool.

Oh, and in response to previous question about "realm of silence of the lambs" - that quote probably had to do with the show producers currently not having the rights to the character Clarice Starling. Yea i know, crazy, they have Hannibal, but not her. So that season may play out a little bit differently.
I literally just watched the finale. It's a great show. I think it's artier than a Breaking Bad, but not as good. I still can't believe the violence they get away with on network. This is the Hannibal that the Silence of the Lambs sequels never got. He's so menacing and so scary in that film because he is so smart, so manipulative. Sure the show puctuates with violence, but so did Silence. I'm so glad this show got renewed.
Yeah, it's pretty badass for a network show.
Only several hours left for a new episode... Recently, I've finally finished watching season 2 and the last three episodes were so entertaining and well made (despite some less favorable episodes) that I can't wait for season 3.

I still wonder if Hannibal can be turned into a great Tv-to-Movie edit(s)...
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