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Full Version: Louie on FX
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Don't know if anyone watches this show. I like his stand up and I liked the first season better. But the season finale last night had what i assume is an intentional reference to The Godfather. Not sure how many people caught it. You guys be the judge. (Am I crazy or not?! Tongue)

Louis CK is currently the funniest man alive (Zach Gastroflanopkus lost that spot when he stopped doing "stand up").

I was pissed when his HBO show was cancelled, but Louie has more than made up for it. I wish his wife from Lucky Louie was in the show more.

I've seen him twice, recorded it once. Some great unreleased material from when he had JUST divorced his wife. Brutal stuff.

Hope Louie sticks around for a few seasons.
totally me in 10 years.
ATTN Lynch fans:

David Lynch was in the last two episodes of Louie, he was quite good too.

And there was a real Lynchian scene in last week's episode too that was damn cool IMO.
Louie is brilliant. Anybody who doesn't agree is a just a pencil penis parade.
I guess I'm some kind of parade. I watched the pilot and thought, "meh."
TV's Frink Wrote:I guess I'm some kind of parade. I watched the pilot and thought, "meh."

[Image: louieck.gif]

Also "boooooo this man"
AUGH I just finished S2 on Netflix and holy balls, will it really be until next June for S3 to hit?! AUUUUUGHHHH!!!! :-o :-o :-(

(Awesome show is awesome.)
Life sucks without new Louie episodes.
Watching Louie kinda makes me want to head over to the nearest amateur comedy open mic and start making a total and complete ass of myself. :-D
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