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Full Version: Bill Hicks Night
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Just a heads up for the UK members but starting at 10pm tonight BBC4 are showing the Documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story followed by the stand up gig Revelations.

The docu is great and tells you a lot more than the Just a Ride doc found on the Totally Bill Hicks disc which is more of a tribute than anything else really.
Nice one nomarch, will be watching
I was lucky enough to see a secret advance screening of The Bill Hicks Story. While I wish it had more actual old footage of Bill, it is a very interesting and well done doc.
btw I highly recommend picking up the DVD release as it has some lovely extras.

This is also well worth buying, If you're a fan then you will have heard nigh on everything on the CD's but the DVD's and the awesome MP3's of Bill's music more than make up for them.
Fuck, that's worth it just for Ninja Bachelor Party on DVD.