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Full Version: Article: Michael Giacchino Tweets his love for Adywan's Star Wars Revisited
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Ah, Dwight, you beat me to it. Very cool news Smile
Yes. Throwgncpr told me about this yesterday. Pretty cool. First post will be promoted to a news item. You and throw will both get news credit.
Wow! Smile
Congrats to Adywan, but congrats to, too! Let's not forget we also got a plug. Wink
+ 3288 pages viewed for this edit on the last 2,5 days... guess that twitt worked!
Don't call him a twit Wink
I was fortunate to have been on my phone, following Giacchino on Twitter or else we could have missed this completely (until you guys checked your logs and saw 4000 hits from Twitter).
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