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Full Version: Thundercats: The Sword of Omens
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Another throw back to my childhood is back on the tele
A tad more Japanese than I rememeber, I almost mistook Snarf for Picachu :oops:
I miss the Filmation look. Sad
My friend downloaded the first 2 episodes last week and I reluctantly watched it with him on sunday.
After the first 20 or so minutes I had made up my mind I'd be watching the rest of the show when gets released on DVD, it's just that good.

It feels like a remake and a sequel at the same time, Liono is younger and so it feels more appropriate for him to be facing his trials to become the leader of the Thundercats, Tigra no longer comes across like the liability of the group, he's headstrong (find the clip on youtube of the 80's tigra addicted to hallucinogenic fruit and you'll see what I mean.)

I have yet to see Panthro and most of the other mutants (monkion, jackalman or vultureman) and I hope they stay well clear of Ewo....err RoBearbils.
I watched the first few episodes yesterday, it was kinda strange to be honest. I've been trying to pin point what it is.

There are subtle differences in this one, it's more Anime, Snarf doesn't Snarf and Mumm-Ra is more of a sadist in this one, where as in the original I remember him just being completely off his rocker! But none of these differences I consider a problem, they're just differences and for me there's nothing wrong with that.

But I think the one problem with it is that they don't use the Theme Tune. I know it may sound a bit daft but I always remember in the 80's version it'd start off with the Theme Tune and that would get your blood pumping and then it'd settle down into the story and just before the 9 year old me would start to get bored the show would break into 'Thunder, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS, HO!' and the Theme Tune would kick in again, at which point I would get over excited and be compelled to run across the room and kick my older sister whilst shouting "THUNDERCATS, HO!" lol

But I did enjoy it and it's clear the makers love the original as much as I do. If only there was a website out there with a bunch of clever people on it who knew how to edit in the original Theme Tune Wink

I was a big fan as a kid but don't think I can go there again. Just too many other good shows consuming my time already.
geminigod Wrote:I was a big fan as a kid but don't think I can go there again. Just too many other good shows consuming my time already.
That's pretty much why I'm watching it. My mate keeps recommending me all these great new shows which I know I'd like it's just I don't have the time at the moment to commit to all these programs.

But I do have enough time to commit to 20mins now and again for a cartoon, which is probably all I can manage at the moment. Big Grin
Ok, so at this point there have been 4 episodes (2 ep pilot and 2 regular eps) that have aired. After what I consider a pretty strong opening, the show has been dwindling in quality. It seems that the overarching story comes into play for a good 2-3 minutes per episode, then we get a filler that shows us how Lion-o is growing.

After watching the most recent episode, all I kept thinking was that when the season is over, some could edit the overarching story of the season into a movie no problem since there is so much filler (as it would seem at this point).

Because I love Thundercats, I'm going to watch regardless of how it plays out. I have to admit though, when

Panthro showed up with the tank, I was overjoyed and about to jump out of my seat in excitement.....then the screen went black and credits started rolling!

What do you guys think? Has it been a little disappointing since the premiere?
Frantic Canadian Wrote:I miss the Filmation look. Sad

So do I. I just saw this thread! That nine minutes was interesting to watch, but it's not Thundercats to me.
I didn't enjoy the 3rd episode all that much but I did enjoy the 4th one. Actually the only issue I had with the 4th episode was that it was clearly a drama and then in the last minute the writers remembered it's for kids and crowbarred in that fight scene at the end which felt completely out of place.

But I agree with musiced921 you can clearly see how this could be edited down. The good thing is as it's a cartoon if there's any awkward scenes it will be easy to take chop and change the dialog here and there.

The edit I have in my head at the moment is to edit the dialog in the funeral scene so Lion-o says they're off to find the book then cut to the ep 4 but with the Leaf people taken out.
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