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Full Version: Article: Apple responds to Final Cut X criticism
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Definitely covering their asses. What this response clearly shows is that they either underestimated their user's needs, or they simply released this thing before it was ready.

Half of the answers are, not yet, but it will.. not yet.. but this summer, not yet, but next major release. Basically, their marketing team said we want to release this now rather than wait for their engineers to put the details into the product. If I were to put money on it, I'd pin this on Marketing. Time and time again I've seen Marketing/Sales force software out before it is truly ready.
I'm with L8 on this one. I also can't help noticing all the comments about it being more iMovie on steroids than FCP. I have to wonder whether Marketing convinced them that collapsing/combining the two was the best way to both casual and serious editors.

But what's wrong with making it iMovie on steroids? It would blow every other casual editing program out of the water. My feeling about the whole thing is that they should have just released this as an updated version of iMovie, for which they would have received huge praise, and then integrated the best features and expanded the toolset for the "full" FCP release. Alternatively, call this version the new Final Cut Express and either keep iMovie as-is or fade it out and simply make this the default editing program that ships with system updates.

If you're going to advance and simplify in one program, do it in the lower-end version, and phase in what works into the high-end version over time.
I agree with both comments. The thing that's really infuriating are the Apple fanboys, who don't even use FCP, claiming that this is a version 1 since it's a complete re-write, and that we shouldn't expect all thse features. I say bullshit to this.

a.) It's called Final Cut Pro X. There were 7 prior versions of FCP. So what it is a complete re-write? This is the eighth release. Period.

b.) And if you want to go with the argument that this is a version 1 then why discontinue selling Final Cut Pro 7? You're obviously trying to migrate people away from it by forcing users to use FCP X. The two products could easily coexist side by side. By discontinuing FCP7 you are saying that FCPX is it's successor.
Final Cut Pro 7 at some point has to be updated because of 64 bit, so whether it's FCP 8 with the more traditional timeline, or FCP X with this fancy-pants new 'magnetic' timeline, FCP 7 is growing more and more obsolete, a change had to come.

What I take issue with is the blatant disregard for previous functionality, essentially what Thunder is stating. You can't release the 8th iteration of a software and drop significant tools/functionality/capabilities. Period. No matter how groundbreaking the new paradigm is, if it cannot accomplish the same tasks as the preceding version, it is a failed program.

Now, for me, as a faneditor who does not have to deal with multi-camera editing, collaborating/sharing files, exporting to tape and a number of other aspects which are truly PRO related, FCP X may be a very good product. Unfortunately because of the cluster-f*** that is this release and all the questions it throws up, it causes me to sit on the sidelines wondering if I can accomplish the same things I do now, because if all the loss of major Pro features is any indication it seems I'm likely to run into workflow problems as well.

For now I already have one more edit nearly complete in FCP 7. Once that edit is complete in a few months I'll look around the landscape and see what Apple has really done to clean up their mess. Perhaps by then it will look reasonable enough that I can feel comfortable in plopping down $300 on something that *might* be an improvement.
Well that didn't take long. Both Adobe and Avid are offering huge discounts (50% off) for Final Cut Pro (pre-FCPX) users. Read more here.
This is a very interesting article by a longtime pro user of FCP who is trying out Premiere Pro CS 5.5 as an alternative. Sounds like a viable option, especially if, like me, you plan to upgrade to CS 5.5 anyway:

I especially like that its overall feel seems like a combination of FCP and AE, and that it has an option built-in that allows you to more or less duplicate many (but not all) FCP shortcuts within Premiere.
If I were a professional, Premiere looks like it would be the way to go, but as a hobbyist who makes no money, I'm not sure that's the direction I would go in. So still on the sidelines I wait. But it is sad to see Apple be so cavalier about what direction they are going in.

Good luck to Adobe, they deserve the pro market it seems.