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Full Version: Criminal Intent
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well the final episode was on tonight. I had mixed thoughts, while we had some so called closure for Det. Goren, they had already left the show and was gone and then brought back for final season- which for the most part the final season wasnt in my opinion superb.
for a final season of a show, shouldnt you pull out all the stops acting and script wise.
im at lease thankful it just simply ended as if just another day what i rrefer to as The Cheers Ending. So many shows want the wedding/new job/ death ending... any thoughts
I was under the impression that the show had ended years ago. I know NBC cancelled it and it was picked up by, I think the USA network, but I though it had been cancelled for good already.
NBC canclled the original Law & Order, not criminal Intent with Vincent D'Onfrio
but the main stars left and plot allowed for them to long be detectives anymore, a season passes and
sudenly their back with no real explination of how they got hired back..but its officialy over now
Law & Order: LA also gone
SVU is the only one left- even though the Lead Male actor is not returning and Det. Benson is taking a higher
level position and her role will be less and less.
I was aware that the original Law & Order had been cancelled, I haven't watched it in years though, but Criminal Intent did in fact sort of get cancelled. The first six seasons aired on NBC but starting with season 7 the show aired on the USA network. So in a sense it was cancelled.

SVU is the only I watch now, although I haven't watched this season. They switched from Tuesdays at 10 to Wednesday at 10 and I never made the switch. I think I only saw one episode. I really need to catch up though because it's one of my favorite shows. Shame about Stabler leaving. I hope Benson's new position doesn't mean way less screen time.
Looks like SVU's got two new cast members. Never heard of either of them though.
Danny Pino used to be on Cold Case, and he was on an episode of Burn Notice as a know-it-all type lawyer. He's good. Don't know the other, though.
Yeah, I never watched Cold Case. And Burn Notice doesn't air here in Canada, at least not on any channel i get. All I've seen of Burn Notice is the DVD releases, cases only.