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If you know some pearls of animated s-f please post here.....

"Wonderful days" (korean masterpiece)......


Ps. not only made in japan Wink

Pss. post only movies that you saw and you like.....not any imdb lists or something.......
well, the obvious Cowboy Bebop... probably my favorite animated tv series/movie of all time, and definitely one of my favorite scifi. absolute masterpiece... and i don't even really like anime much.

some people don't like it, but i really enjoyed Titan AE, by Don Bluth. I've really liked most of his films, and to have him do a scifi movie was fantastic for me Smile

also i might get ripped for this one too, but i really enjoyed treasure planet. i know it's just a disney movie, but i thought it was a fantastic adaptation of that story. it had a cool scifi feel, and yet still kept the swashbuckling seafaring feel.

i'll post more if i think of them.
Tnx lewis886.

I recommend this:


perfect blue... not science fiction but awesome none the less
Naussica and the Valley of the Wind was pretty cool. I'm also a sucker for the Space Pirate stuff like Galaxy Express.
tnx !!!! :grin:

What else?
Voices from a distant star.......

finally I've watched this......

One of my favorite anime movies is Macross: Do you remember love? On Macross World, which I frequent regularly, Hurin (macross world member) went to the bother of re translating the subtitles of Macross :dyrl movie and incorporating into the original dvd menu with dvd lab pro.

Since, I have an anime cartoon international reissued version of Macross: dyrl; Hurin's subtitles with the dvdlabpro file did not work for me and I was unable to update my subtitles. This year is the 25th anniversary of Macros and a remastered dvd of Macross: dyrl will be made in December. But, it will be a region 2 dvd and there will be no subtitles. So, I figure the only way I will ever get to watch Macross :dyrl with decent subtitles is if I do it myself. Also, I wanted to incorporate psx macross: dyrl video game footage and Flashback 2012 footage into this moview and make it an extended cut.

I hope to get my version out by December as well. Retiming the subtitles is the most time consuming part.

Anyways, I thought I would share. I look forward to anybody else also trying to fan edit sci fi anime. Back to work.

Serial experiments LAIN
Ghost in the shell
Appleseed (2005)
Miyazaki Movies
Planet ES
yeah, ghost in the shell was really great...

i always loved Akira and there was this absolutely fantastic french movie called ?Les Ma?tres du temps? (english title ?time masters?). Writer was the legendary comic book artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud. If you ever see this flick you have to buy it. it?s an absolute mustsee for people that like animated movies...

check out imdb:
tnx hienrich....I cant believe that I havent seen 'time masters" yet......the more shame on me because I love "Gandahar"......what a shame ....what a shame :-(

another one:

the place promised in our early days


......and old tv series Ulisses were really cool...
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