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Full Version: An Idiot Abroad
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I gather that this show aired in the UK previously, Thew US just got it a few weeks ago and I have been DVR'ing them but only sat down to watch this weekend - hysterical.
I find that Carl is alot like myself when I travel, just uncomfortable and irritated all the time, lol. very funny.

its on saturday nights on science channel in US.

Yea, I enjoyed this as well. I would somewhat suggest that Karl's persona is a character. Ricky and Steve do insist not though, but that's not to say that Karl himself is playing a role......
Yep, looking forward to season 2. I think China and Jordan were my favourite episodes. Rio was pretty good though.
I haven't watched it yet, but I've wanted to ever since I heard about it. I just keep forgetting to look it up.
China was definitely the funniest one I have seen so far. Still have 4 more episodes to go though.

The bit w/ the toilets not having doors and the odd things people eat had me rolling.
Season 3 started a last week if anyone's interested. This time Warrick T. Davis is also along for the ride. Only seen Ep 1 so far but I'm not really feeling it. I think Karl was better on his own (so to speak) and adding Warrick in makes it feel too much like it's scripted.

Anyhow, if you like watching Karl get increasingly uncomfortable and losing the plot then it's still pretty good value.
loved seasons 1 and 2. The addition of Warrick doesn't sound like a great idea, but I'll definitely give this a shot. Thanks for the update!
i have only seen the first half of season 1 so far. I need to catch up. but i am really liking it so far
2 eps in and I'm enjoying it but not as much as season 1.