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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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Just watched the pilot, absolutely fucking brilliant!!!
the 2nd/3rd episodes are good as well though for me it goes down hill during the second half of the series, leaves alot of answered questions which i guess is typical of alot US shows. got a feeling this will be a future fanedit at some point
Yeah one of my new favorite shows. Read some of the comics. they changed it up in the show a little.
I agree It goes downhill from the first episode but is still a very good show.
I disagree. I think it kept the momentum going very well throughout. I'm really looking forward to season 2.
To be honest I'm surprised I haven't come across this before as I'm a massive Andrew Lincoln fan but only heard about it through the news that Telltale is going to make a game based on the comics.
Just starting Ep 4 and still very much enjoying it. Only bad thing is that we have to wait til the end of the year for season 2. Sad
Just got Season 1 today. I loved the first 2 episodes that I had seen before buying the set. Also a big fan of the comics. I've read up til Volume 10 of the trade paperbacks.
Boy are you in for a treat Smile
never saw it but based on the unanimously positive feedback i have heard from everyone, i bought the bluray set last week. hope to find the time to dig into this show soon.
It's pretty different from the comics... And the pals I have who've read it were a bit disappointed with the show.
Glad you all seem to appreciate it.
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