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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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veggieguy12 Wrote:Sorry dude, I wasn't intending to falsely attribute to myself a credit for prior use of the term "incredible"; rather, I used the word "incredible" for its definitive meaning, as a synonym and alternative to reiterate that I find the characters' actions to be, largely, unrealistic/unbelievable.

You specifically said that you WROTE the characters were incredible...

Quote:You don't need to do another line-by-line breakdown rebuttal, I'll just change my opinion and concede that yours is correct.
Oh dear, I'm not trying to win an argument. I, and others, are just trying to show you that the actions of the people in the show are perfectly plausible and makes sense within the reality/universe the show is set in.

Anyway last episode was great, editing was a little choppy though but great interaction between the cast and interesting dialogue.
Fucking brilliant episode. That is all.
Yah yah,

little shit causes outsider to live and Dale to die. Funny enough, I did the 'which Walking Dead character are you' and got Dale. My ass is toast in an outbreak.

Yes Carl certainly has a lot to answer for but it does make great telly
Another terrific episode. But now we have a new question that needs answering.

Well it had to happen sooner or later and of course where's wally?

Michonne and the Prison!! Stoked for season 3
Yeah, that was some interesting foreshadowing at the end. Though all the bagging on Rick kind of pissed me off at the end.

Yea but now there gonna say the next part in the prison is gonna take to long.Even though it took 33 issues.

We are definitely spending at least the next 2 seasons in the prison. and i am alright with that. it is by far the best part in the comics with some crazy shit going on and with many interesting new characters coming. if they can pull this properly season 3 will blow our minds
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