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My thoughts:

What made me laugh was, the episode begins where the last episode ends, except now it's night-time. We see Rick and co. at the bar exactly where we left them (where it was clearly still daytime), but now suddenly they hit the "dark" filters in the editing room added cricket noises, and presto, now it's night-time lol. Do the writers honestly think we're that stupid? When this season is released in dvd and we watch these 2 eps. back-to-back, it'll be a real WTF moment. Guess they couldn't leave Lori out there alone for too long. Oh, I like how suddenly Herschel can fire a gun. I don't care if he's a country boy from the south who is familiar with guns. He's still old, and his sight can't possibly still be as good as it used to lol.

FWIW, these 2 eps have been a big improvement. Unfortunately that isn't saying much. The clip for next week definitely put a smile on my face though.
Great episode, loved all of it.
I enjoyed the episode. I still didn't like that she felt she had to go after Rick... felt like filler, but this season has been much more interesting IMO than season one, especially the stupid gangster holdout or whatever. That was just lame.
A better episode this week with only one WTF moment....(see tyler's comment). In fact, I'm liking the tension building between the Ric camp and the Shane camp. Not to mention the Daryl left of field camp. Looks like next week is going to be good.
troxtar559 Wrote:I would love to check out your work and other fanedits but I can't seem to get the download instructions. I've already downloaded and installed Jdownloader and can't seem to get a hang of it. I am a BIG fanedit fan as I've seen Underworld: temptation & Batman:under the red hood(UA edit). But I had to have my buddy download it from frostwire or Pirate Bay or somewhere. Can you please help? I'll watch 2 or more of your edits for this trade(lol). I JUST WANNA CONTRIBUTE! BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY. btw, great trailer. Can't wait to see it, IF I COULD GET SOME HELP! lol. Thank you.
This is totally unrelated to this post dude
g1orkatsos Wrote:This is totally unrelated to this post dude

Not only was it unrelated it was a double post. It's been removed.
Now something that impressed me! I didnt know this show had that much cgi! impressive!
I've been continually disappointed by the characters' unrealistic behaviors... sure, it's zombies, and that's unreal.
But I don't believe, can't believe that people wouldn't get into the mindstate necessary to survive their situation.
Too often, too many of the characters are doing too many things I just don't find believable. Am I alone on that?
I really think they are though, I mean by now all the chaff has been sorted so too speak and the people who are at least able to function enough to survive are what's left, how they each reconcile they personal humanity with the situation they now face I think is being handled pretty well, almost too well in fact.
The last episode aired was 209, "Triggerfinger".

In it, Glen, Rick, and Hershel are surrounded by an advancing horde of zombies, and they spend a couple minutes debating whether and how to save a teen who's leg is impaled, though that teen was earlier trying to kill them? The foreigners who find that trio in the bar attempt (unsuccessfully) to get their weapons pointed at the guys, though that's really unlikely to result in them getting them the info on the group's farm hideout. (You can threaten the hostage to get his info, but that's it - the hostage knows you can't actually go through with the threat, or you'll never have the info. Better would be to leave quietly, and secretly track the trio back to wherever.) Laurie, the pregnant mother, tells nobody when she leaves her child and risks her life in an attempt to find her husband - who may be dead, or not where she expects him. And the people who came looking for the two 'bar intruders' behaved in a way I also find unrealistic, speaking right outside the door for Rick, Hersh, and Glen to hear, then shooting wildly (and unseen) into the bar, rather than just let people exit and shoot them (or force a surrender). And Glen shat his pants and froze behind the dumpster, then fired off his shotgun from a distance, though he was still apparently effective at hitting the brain and stopping the zombies. Laurie evades one attacking zombie and, while stopping and staring at the body, is attacked from behind. Carol, distraught over her zombie-daughter's death, wanders a short distance from camp to punch & pull grass - despite the typical (not-so) surprise danger of pop-up zombie attacks? Despite his increasing instability & threatening action to the group, nobody has gone out on a mission with Shane and killed him, simply reporting back to the group that he got bit or accidentally shot himself? Who would burn the calories and waste the energy to bury those zombie bodies? Was it four graves they dug? I just can't believe that stuff.
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