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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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Well, true, I guess, now that I think of it. As long as they steer away from 28 Days/Weeks Later sprinting zombies. That's too much.
Technically, they weren't zombies either, but now we're nitpicking. No sprinting! :-)
There hasn't been any sprinting that I can recall, Just the "Ooooh I see Dinner" and start to walk briskly. Tongue
OK - this last episode had two misleading/baffling bits:

1 - What was the deal with the arm falling off the side of the truck? They made a big deal of getting it. Didn't go anywhere.
2 - WTF was Rick's wife doing going after him? He wasn't in any danger. He had a car and some guns. She pissed off, on her own, not knowing where she was going. I just can't see what that was all about, except a crap way to get tension.

Don't know about 2 as I wasn't paying that much attention but as regards to 1 I think they were just highlighting the fact that picking up body parts is pretty icky even if you're 'used' to it.
Not sure about point two either. Maybe it's hormonal?
60 to zero in one episode.

went from loving the show the way i loves me my obese redletter cat to giving up on it, like, in no time 'tall.
Yeah, it's a shame that Season 2 is really not living up to what it should have been.
They fired Frank and cut the budget. Nuff said.
I am not really that sad that they fired Frank. Remember people, he made a great portion of the 1st half of season 2 before he got fired.
Today's episode was ok. i liked some parts, i didn't like others that much

the gunfight at the bar was awesome, i was really glad that the lori subplot was done in this episode and the way lori killied those zombies was awesome. the scenes at the farm werent so good though. especially the scene between maggie and glen. that was stupid. The ending was a mixed bag, i liked that lori told that stuff to rick and made him open his eyes a little more, but the way she was whispering to his ear at the very end was like she was being the devil or something. overall a nice episode that could have been better
But what i really liked was the trailer to the next episode. It looked like a familiar location from the comics was there that is going to be featured in the series soon

Didn't it look like the Prison?
That's the trailer for the next episode:
super-big mehs:

lori crashes in the daylight and nobody back at the farm notices she's gone until hours later, when it's dark? (or was she in a different time zone?) as zombie apocalypse co-survivors, they should be going through a mental roll call every so often of everyone in their group. the kid especially might want to think of his mom now and then. "son, you never write, you never call. . . ."

dehydrated gal needs intravenous fluids urgently. and the person who was about to administer it accidentally swallows a slow-motion pill.

and the crappy dialogue for about half the show. . . ugh.
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